Dr. Joyce C. Bookshester



Relationships, self-esteem, career dissatisfaction, conflict resolution, loss issues, and economic anxiety are just a few of the challenges she addresses. Dr. Bookshester considers each individual and the systems in which they live. With consent, she may even involve relevant family members and friends, or individuals from the workplace or faith-based organizations. Feedback is key in this collaborative approach. Together we develop a treatment strategy to reach YOUR realistic goals – not random objectives established by someone else.


Are you seeking increased satisfaction in your marriage? Would you like to better understand or create more realistic expectations of your partner? You want “things to work out,” but feel you’ve done everything you can on your own. And while some people only play the “blame game” and take no responsibility, you are self-aware and courageous enough to explore therapy as a solution. Learn how to reduce marital conflict, achieve greater emotional and physical intimacy, and establish more collaborative parenting. Counseling also can help committed and engaged couples to develop a more effective marital contract from the start.


Dr. Joyce C. Bookshester
M.A., Psy.D., P.C.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Family therapy requires an investment in consistency. Clients must do their homework; our role is in negotiating a therapeutic alliance that allows each family member to be an integral part of a successful treatment program. Motivated families are open to learning more about life’s inevitable transitions and the skills needed to navigate them. Dr. Bookshester specializes in helping families that are experiencing life challenges related to adoption, divorce and remarriage, decisions about assisted living, financial hardships, behavioral problems, loss and grief, the profound effects of a chronic or terminal illness, and other family life challenges.

Children and Adolescents

Our fast-paced world places many demands on parents. In another era, extended family and neighbors might be engaged to “pick up the slack,” but when that support does not exist, parents may become overwhelmed by dramatic changes in the behavior of a child or teenager. These behavioral changes usually are manifest in learning issues or other problems at school; separation anxiety or trouble sleeping at night; gender identity, adoption and post-divorce family issues; oppositional behavior toward parents and teachers; conflicts with siblings; and a wide range of conditions related to executive functioning (ADD, ADHD, Asperger syndrome, autism, dyslexia). Following a comprehensive assessment, we work to help children and teens become more conscious of their decisions, and to understand that privileges such as playing video games, watching TV, and spending time on the Internet, are earned. Dr. Bookshester provides a safe place for them to resolve crises and reduce self-destructive actions while rebalancing parental hierarchy.

Family Business Consultation

When a family is in business together, everyone can be affected by conflict within the organization. Perhaps the patriarch is becoming less capable with age, yet refuses to give up control. Or, a new person marries into the family – and not everyone is accepting of their involvement in the business. Conflicts usually are transitional or economic, for example, not all family members agree to sell the business at a certain moment in time. Dr. Bookshester works with family members and their accountants and attorneys to clarify and resolve these issues.

School Consultation

When an elementary or high school faces an institutional problem – from too many low-performing students to uncontrolled bullying – resolution often can best be achieved by working with an outside consultant. Solutions might range from in-service programs to additional educational support.

Divorce Mediator

As a Divorce Mediator, Dr. Bookshester assists pre and post decree couples develop parenting plans and resolve issues preventing successful conflict resolution and marital dissolution.

DIVORCE Coach and Child Specialist

The Collaborative law approach is a team approach that assists a couple in resolving their relationship.

Dr. Bookshester serves as a Coach to assist a couple in resolving conflicts that may arise during the collaborative process. In addition, as a child specialist she serves to assist in determining what is in the best interests of the children as well as serving as the voice for the children in the collaborative process.