Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Bookshester is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with more than 25 years

of clinical experience in child and adolescent psychology and individual,

couples and family therapy. Dr. Bookshester is a Divorce Mediator with expertise as a divorce coach and child specialist. Dr. Bookshester also consults with Early Childhood Educational centers and public and private Elementary and High Schools.

She is also a skilled consultant in the area of family owned businesses.

Educational and Clinical Training

Dr. Bookshester earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees in speech and language pathology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and received her Doctorate from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. As part of her doctoral training, Dr. Bookshester participated in a year’s training program at Northwestern University’s Family Institute. She also participated in a two year Post-Doctorate Program at The Family Institute. Dr. Bookshester continues to serve as a Faculty Supervisor at The Family Institute. Dr. Bookshester also trained at LaRabida Children’s Hospital-University of Chicago where she took part in a one year diagnostic practicum and an APA approved clinical internship. During her training at LaRabida, Dr. Bookshester specialized in the clinical assessment and treatment of:abused and neglected children and children with acute and chronic illnesses and developmental delays. During her Doctoral program, Dr. Bookshester also studied at the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas. Dr. Bookshester continues to participate in post-graduate training in her areas of clinical expertise.

Dr. Bookshester specializes in helping families that are experiencing developmental life cycle challenges related to adoption, marriage and

re-marriage, divorce, decisions about moving into assisted living, economic stresses, children’s behavioral and academic problems, loss and grief,

the effects of an acute, chronic or terminal illness and other family issues.


Dr. Bookshester serves as a Coach to assist a couple in resolving conflicts that may arise during the divorce process. In addition, as a child specialist, Dr. Bookshester serves to assist in determining what is in the best interest of the children as well as providing a “voice” for the children in the divorce process.


When a Family is in business together, everyone can be affected by conflicts within or outside of the business. Perhaps the patriarch (owner) is becoming less able to meet the demands of his business,

yet refuses to develop a transition plan. Or an individual marries into the family business- and not everyone is accepting of his or her involvement in the business. Conflicts are often transitional or economic, for example not all family members can agree to sell the business. Dr. Bookshester works with family members and their financial and legal advisors to resolve these issues.


About Dr. Joyce C. Bookshester